100 Club

The River Valley Education Foundation, in an effort to fundraise and to connect to the communities that support us, is creating a new program called the “100 Club”. This club is limited to 100 members who each donate $100 annually to the Foundation. Each donating member of the “100 Club” will pick a number between 1-100. Throughout the year, beginning in January, numbers will be pulled at random on the last day of each month, with members whose number is chosen winning $150! On December 1st of each calendar year, a grand prize winner will be chosen. This prize is worth $2,000!!! That means donors have a 1/100 chance to turn their $100 contribution into a $2,000 prize winning - and right before the Christmas holiday! 


The River Valley Education Foundation will be registering names and organizing the assigning of numbers beginning immediately. It is important that interested members sign up early as space is limited strictly to 100 members. Registration and payment will be accepted throughout the year for so long as numbers still remain. Checks should be made to the River Valley Education Foundation, and mailed to the address at the top of the page.