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Help us recognize our distinguished Alumni!!

In 2023, the River Valley Education Foundation created the Wall of Honor to pay tribute to graduates, staff and dedicated volunteers who inspire our students, faculty and community members with achievements in their chosen careers and/or contributions to their country or community. We wish to recognize influential people who share one common trait: a significant part of their journey happened at River Valley, Blairsville or Saltsburg Schools. Nominations are welcome anytime, but must be received by April 1 to be included in the yearly review process. ​Reviews take place in late spring to early summer, with decisions generally made by and announced prior to the end of each school year.  

Do you know someone that may belong on the Wall of Honor?

Who is eligible?​

  • River Valley and former Blairsville-Saltsburg school district administrators;

  • Past or present members of the RVSD Board of School Directors;

  • RVSD teachers, coaches, staff or volunteers who have been actively involved with the district for a minimum of 5 years;

  • River Valley and former Blairsville and Saltsburg alumni who graduated at least 10 years prior to their nomination.

Nominations should be limited to individuals that have gone above and beyond in their service and dedication to the River Valley School District and its students, or have proven to be outstanding in their particular field.  Examples include, but are not limited to, scholars, athletes, servicemen/women, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, teachers and coaches. 
Submission Requirements

  • The River Valley Education Foundation accepts nominations to the Wall of Honor year-round. 

  • Anyone may make a nomination. 

  • Nominations received by April 1 will be considered for the upcoming school year’s Wall of Honor. 

  • Nominations received after April 1 shall be considered for the following year’s Wall of Honor.  

  • Selections to the Wall of Honor are made on an annual basis.  

  • Nominations must include a written narrative containing significant and relevant background information.  Please provide as much information as possible regarding the candidate, particularly when discussing their achievements, contributions and/or service.

  • If possible, sponsors are encouraged to submit a photo of the nominee with their nomination and narrative. 

  • Sponsors must include their own name, address and telephone number along with the nomination, as well as the year(s) the sponsor attended River Valley, Blairsville or Saltsburg High Schools.  Please also include current address, phone and/or email contact information for the nominee.

  • Self-nominations will not be considered.

  • All submissions are confidential.

Evaluation & Selection

  • Submissions will be reviewed by River Valley Education Foundation's Alumni Committee (“Committee”).

  • The Committee shall be comprised of board members of the River Valley Education Foundation

  • Up to three individuals will be selected by the Committee each year to the Wall of Honor from all current and prior nominations.

  • The Committee will review all nominations received by April 1, with selection taking place at the following board meeting, unless otherwise extended. 

  • The Committee reserves the right to confirm the information submitted on the nomination form.

  • The Committee will forward its recommendation(s) to River Valley Education Foundation’s Board of Directors for final approval.

  • Individuals nominated but not selected to the Wall of Honor will remain on the list of candidates for future consideration by the Committee.


  • Nominees selected to the Wall of Honor will be announced at Homecoming, acknowledged by The Foundation at a future event, and, if possible will be asked to speak directly with students during the school day.

  • Honorees’ pictures and background information will be on display in district auditoriums, and will be included on The Lion Foundation’s Wall of Honor website.

Please submit nominations to:
OR mail to           River Valley Education Foundation
                             Wall of Honor Program
                            PO Box #1, Saltsburg PA 15681


                            102 School Ln., Blairsville, PA 15717
Questions?  Call 724-422-5202 or email

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