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Teachers in the River Valley School District in grades PreK - 12 are welcome to apply for one of several teacher mini-grants which will be offered on a semi-annual basis. At this time, grants will be awarded for amounts ranging from $1-$500. Interested applicants should fill out the application below, and submit to the foundation via email or hand deliver to any foundation board member. 


Mrs. Angie Jorgenson, was recently presented a fall mini-grant. Mrs. Jorgenson’s grant will pay for a STEAM project called BeeBots. Students will learn about coding language, math skills, and will be challenged to think creatively. First graders will program the BeeBot to follow directions, promoting cognitive skills like experimentation, observation, manipulation and problem solving. 


Ms. Emma Firment was awarded a fall mini-grant. Mrs. Firment is a Pre-K-5 Music teacher at BES. Ms. Firment’s grant is for flexible seating options in her music classroom. Movement is essential to the elementary music curriculum, as it helps to develop fine and gross motor skills and also teaches rhythm. Ms. Firment’s grant will reach all BES Pre-K - 5 students, positively impacting nearly 400 students! 


Mrs. Carly Hruska was awarded a fall mini-grant. Mrs. Hruska ‘s grant will pay for a STEAM project called Bristlebots. Students will build a bristlebot, learning about electrical circuits and batteries. They will get to customize their robot with art supplies, design a maze and race other students’ robots as a fun competition.

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