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Teachers in the River Valley School District in grades PreK - 12 are welcome to apply for one of several teacher mini-grants which will be offered on a semi-annual basis. Interested applicants should fill out the application below, and submit to the foundation via email or hand deliver to any foundation board member. 

Mini Grant Sponsors

Principal Sponsor

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Supporting Sponsor

Mrs. Marshall, a member of the 2nd grade team, wrote a mini-grant proposal to purchase reading area rugs and chairs to make a comfortable reading area for students. Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. McNulty and Mr. Shannon's second graders will be able to enjoy unique reading spaces which are comfortable and inviting! 

Mr. McGee, BES Physical Education teacher, wrote a grant proposal to have his 5th grade PE class attend a bowling trip to nearby Mohawk Lanes. Mr. McGee's unit on bowling teaches students a lifelong activity, and giving them the opportunity to go to the bowling alley is a reward for their hard work. 

Mrs. Sisitki is a first grade teacher at BES. Her mini grant paid for the purchase of 5 wobble stools so she is able to offer her students flexible seating options. She understands that some students learn more effectively when their kinesthetic and sensory needs are met. They need to MOVE, and we are happy to help make that possible! 

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